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Naming Ceremonies or Name Giving

Welcoming a new family member

The addition of a new family member is a joyous and exciting time

Generally the addition of a new family member is the result of the birth of a new baby but there are numerous other ways in which this can occur. It can also occur through adoption, merging of families, the discovery of a long lost family member or indeed the arrival of a new furbaby into the family. Regardless of the way in which it occurs it is a joyous occasion filled with love and it should be celebrated.

There is no right or wrong way to have a naming ceremony. They can occur at any age. While some parents take the more traditional route of having the naming ceremony early in the baby’s life, others prefer to wait. Many combine it with the child’s first birthday while others prefer to wait until their family is complete and then have a single ceremony for all their children.

Sometimes the child joins the family at an older age through adoption or family merges and the family want to welcome the new addition into their circle. Sometimes the baby has not yet arrived and the couple want to have a pregnancy or gender reveal. The options are limited only by your imagination and we can tailor a ceremony together that suits your individual circumstances.

The ceremony generally recognises the lifelong rewards and responsibilities that welcoming a new family member brings and we will reflect this in the words and the actions that you choose. All the people who will be involved in the mentoring and guidance of the child throughout their lives should be acknowledged including grandparents, great-grandparents and godparents where they are appointed.

As an authorised celebrant, I will provide you with suggestions for readings, poems, music and rituals that you may wish to choose. I will work with you to write the ceremony you want for your child. I will provide you with a commemorative Naming Certificate and can also provide certificates for grandparents, godparents and any other party.

During the ceremony, those taking part will be asked to declare their commitment to the child and their future wellbeing. Any particular inclusion that you would like to have can be part of the script.

Where possible, a birth certificate should be provided to ensure that the naming of the child is correct. Any changes to birth names must be dealt with through a legal process through Births, Deaths & Marriages in Brisbane.


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We cannot recommend Joy enough, somehow Joy not only calmed the most anxious of Grooms but also somehow made the weather absolutely perfect. You are extremely professional yet very relaxed and relaxing to be around. There is no one my new bride and I would ever think of having marry us, in short you are amazing.

Caity and Chris F

Joy was fantastic. Loving lady that invited us in and made us feel very comfortable and welcomed. Joy was easy to contact and get in touch with. Joy and her husband were well organised, prompt on the day. Lovely Lady that will make your day very special.


We had a beautiful home ceremony with Joy yesterday. it was EVERYTHING we dreamed of. Joy was exceptional and worked with us every step of the way in personalising and making our wedding ceremony as perfect as possible. Joy went above and beyond to ensure our day was amazing, with the perfect balance of professionalism and humor (which we were looking for specifically). Joy also ensured our children and guests were included as much as we wished and helped us with a sand ceremony and family unity certificate which our children loved! Thank you so much, Joy. From the bottom of our hearts, we are so grateful that you were there for us for our special day. ♡

Hayley and Mitchell S, Brisbane QLD

Thank you Joy for all the work you did to help make our day so lovely. You were amazing and we appreciated how much work and love you put in to make our day. Thank you Wendy and Mark.

Wendy B

When my grandpa Jack married his darling Dulcie you were wonderful with them. So patient and understanding because they are both in their 80s and guided them through everything to make their day perfect. They don’t have internet access but I wanted to say thank you for a lovely day on their behalf.

Jenny S

Thank you so much Joy for your warm and calming approach to our wedding. Zac and I were very nervous but you held our hands all the way through and made it a seamless and wonderful experience. We will definitely be back in touch for future celebrations.


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Regardless of gender, age, ethnicity or sexuality finding the right person for you is the most important decision you will ever make. Once you make that decision I will be there with you every step of the way in planning the ceremony that reflects your love story.

Bidding farewell to loved ones, whether family, friends or for some people furbabies, is a very difficult and stressful time. It should be undertaken in a manner that recognises the sadness of their leaving, respects their legacy and celebrates the life, love and memories that they shared with those left behind.

There are many other occasions to celebrate in our lives. The options are limited only by our imaginations. Some suggestions: Welcoming a new child into the family, Special anniversaries, Special occasions ( Birthdays, Graduations, Special Days, Divorce celebrations )