Our wedding planning hopes for 2021

Life Celebrations with Joy Renewal of Vows
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As we move further into 2021 it is timely to reflect on what happened in 2020 and our hopes for 2021. The world has changed in so many ways since March and the new norm will stay with us as we move forward. Some of the key characteristics we will need to succeed in making 2021 a better year will include resilience and adaptability and the ability to compromise and change quickly will be so important.

I saw all of these qualities at a wedding where I officiated in December. Having endured what seemed like an endless heatwave, Mother Nature suddenly decided to open up the heavens with significant rainfall which totally ruined my couple’s plans for a backyard wedding. Did they panic? No they did not. Instead they moved the archway and the lighting indoors and created a beautiful, warm and romantic setting for them and their guests. Luckily it was a small wedding and all the guests could easily fit into the room. In 2021 who knows what will happen and there may be many occasions where we need to be able to change plans at the last minute but still maintain the importance and the ambience of the occasion.

Seeing the positives is so important and we added commentary about this into the wedding ceremony. Their ability to compromise which is such an important quality in any relationship. The symbolism of the new life and growth which would result from the rainfall and how it matched their new life as a married couple and the way they will grow together over the years. Most of all the fact that sunshine doesn’t come only from the sky outside but also from our hearts and the love that surrounds them, both their love for each other and the love for them that comes from their family and friends. No matter how grey the skies are outside, if you have that sunshine in your heart, you will get through the dark times that we all encounter.

Massive congratulations to Hayley and Mitch for taking the curve ball thrown at them by Mother Nature and lobbing it back with bells on!

For me 2020 was a year of building my business, learning more about my craft, making lasting relationships with suppliers and service providers and most of all meeting wonderful people who I have already married or who I will be marrying this year. It was exciting and a little nerve wracking but also very fulfilling to share in those happy times. It is true that, if you are doing something you truly love, it will never seem like work.

Wedding plans for 2021 are in full swing with many couples who has to postpone their plans wanting to do it in 2021 and many others who have made the decision throughout 2020. Popular dates are filling fast so if you are planning to marry next year, don’t delay or you may miss out on your choice of celebrant. While many people see it as the last thing to sort out, the most important part of your day is that moment when you declare your love for each other and become a married couple. No matter what your age, gender, physical characteristics or challenges may be, nor how many times you have done it before, everything else that happens on that day is in celebration of that one moment.

The choice of celebrant can have a major effect on how that moment plays out and the wrong choice can ruin your ceremony. You need someone who resonates with you and your dreams. My clients are so important to me that I want to have a rapport with them before we start. I will guarantee to give 110% to ensure that they get what they hope for and wherever possible a little bit more as well.

If you are looking for someone who really cares about you as a couple, who wants to fulfil your dreams for your wedding ceremony and who will work with you every step of the way from writing your script, helping you with your vows, holding your hand when you are nervous and having a hankie for your happy tears then please contact me.

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