Looking Forward to a Summer Wedding in Brisbane

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The days are cooler now, but summer’s always around the corner and if you’re planning to hold your wedding in Brisbane during this most glorious of seasons then you’ll need these tips to help you along.

The first thing to consider about a Brisbane summer wedding is the heat! Guests will have to stay at the top of their game all day and this is no mean feat when it’s at least 30°C on a hot summers day.

Provide non-alcoholic drinks – and lots of them!

Of course you can have alcohol as well, but by offering a wide and interesting range of soft drinks, you’ll encourage people to stay hydrated and not end up passed out before the photos. It’s not a good look! Think about a juice bar, or some fancy-looking mocktails for all ages.

Prepare for rain

It’s not unheard of, so make sure there’s a Plan B for showers. Photos in a gazebo? Or maybe choose a venue with an indoor option for everyone to run to. If all else fails, hand out umbrellas as favours.

But hope for sun

Another idea for wedding favours is cheap sunglasses. They’ll help to keep people comfortable and will prevent your guests squinting into the camera.

Dish out fans

Not just any old fan, though! Customise it with your date and details and a photo, or even your reception menu. You could give them out as a DIY assembly kit to keep people (especially kids) occupied during the boring bits.

Artwork ice lollies

Get creative with some chunks of fruit and juice and make your own ice lollies (or commission a vendor to do it for you). You could match the colours to your wedding theme if you want. You could also hire an ice cream cart for guests – they’ll love you forever.

Throwing shade

Hire a few teepees for the lawn so people have somewhere to escape from the rays to enjoy their ice lolly.

Paper parasols

The perfect solution for mobile shade – and they also look brilliant in photos.

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