Exciting new service to help with planning your wedding coming in 2021

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Planning your wedding is super exciting but confusing at the same time. There are so many things to think about, so many decisions to make and so many options to consider. We have an exciting new service which we will launch in early 2021 that will help you to work your way through the maze.

Starting from the time you get engaged and the steps you should take next, the legal requirements you need to meet when planning your wedding, right through to what you need to do after the wedding ceremony, this service will bring you tips, guidance and information on all things wedding related.

What kind of things are included with planning your wedding?

These are just some of the topics we will cover:

How to choose your music, your flowers, your venue? Yes that is included

Choosing a theme for your wedding? Yep it’s in there.

Including family members, children and animals in your day? Yep, we have suggestions.

Choosing your wedding vows. Lots of options for you.

No matter what the question is when planning your wedding, we will have suggestions and tips for you and if we miss anything you want to see, you can always ask for it.

So if your Christmas stocking is likely to hold an engagement ring or if New Year’s Eve or St Valentine’s Day is likely to bring a proposal don’t miss out on this service. Send us your email contact details now and we will ensure you are on the list to start receiving the posts as soon as they launch. Planning your wedding is so much easier when there is someone there to give you advice along the way.

planning your wedding - will you marry me?
Planning Your Wedding | Will you marry me?

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