Autumn or Winter Wedding

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Here’s Some Photography Tips

Life in Oz is pretty peachy at the best of times, but one thing that really makes it worth it is the fact that you get all-year-round sun and it never gets properly cold. That said, however, autumn and winter weddings do present their challenges to wedding planners and photographers alike, as well as to the bride and groom, of course.

Most photographers rise to this challenge, though, and make use of the different light and foliage that autumn and winter offer us. Here’s some easy tips to help you to get the best from your autumn or winter wedding photoshoot.

Get married earlier in the day

If you want an outdoor shoot after the ceremony, then make sure it all kicks off early in the day to make the most of the light. Dusk shoots are amazing, of course, but you’ll want some sun in your shots, right?

Do as your granny says and wrap up

It might be a bit chillier than you’re used to in the morning or evening, so make sure you have a little bolero jacket or fake fur stole to put around your shoulders.

Wear sensible shoes

That outdoor shoot might come after some rain, so for walking to different locations, wear a pair of wellington boots or flats to you don’t slip over and you don’t get mud all over your wedding shoes.

Have an indoor location as back-up

It’s not that likely to rain, but just in case it does and you don’t want all of your photos to be atmospheric (ahem), make sure there’s an indoor location for you all to gather for group shots.

Bring umbrellas as well

Umbrellas make great props, and they also mean that you can carry on an outdoor photo shoot if the rain is only very light. They can make for romantic and interesting photo compositions.

Think about candles

The evenings are a bit darker in winter, so if it’s going to be twilight or dark by the time you all sit to eat, or when you start the reception, then place some candles and lanterns about the place to add an intimate, romantic atmosphere.

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